Happy Birthday Nat!















Nothing reminds you of how old you really are than getting home a little after midnight (alright it was 1.15am but that’s not late is it?) and still feeling like crap for the rest of the weekend.

I guess it has a tiny, tiny bit to do with dancing for 2 hrs in 4 inch heels, but hey, that’s practically exercise right?! So technically I shouldn’t feel like I’ve been dragged through a shredder… and I don’t even drink so no, I can’t blame it on a hang-over.

It’s definitely age related… I’m getting too old to dance and not die afterwards… such a depressing thought.

But it’s not about me- Friday night we sang Happy Birthday to Natalia!

We had a yummy dinner at Nomad then headed down the road for a bit of a boogie to old skool sounds… again, reminding me of how old I really am.. but it was fantastic!

Nat- no worries about the break dancers, maybe next time! Happy Birthday babe! Hope you gals found somewhere else to party before the 1.30am lock out!

T xxx

Jacket: Bec & Bridge, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Shoes: handmade in Phuket, Clutch: Gucci, Watch: Tag Heuer, Bracelets: Diva



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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nat!

  1. Denise says:

    Can you tell me who made you top? Love it.

    • tiffanydy says:

      Thank you! I actually bought it from a snall boutique at Rouse hill town centre- it’s called Hipster boutique. It was a cheapy find but such a great style right?

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