If your kids are anything like mine they are obsessed with anything Disney. So when we were invited to join some cast members from the new Disney On Ice show TREASURE TROVE for a meet and greet my kids thought it was Christmas!


On arrival we were fitted with our skates- my kids have never skated before, and while I’m a pretty experienced skater I must say, I was very very nervous about the thought of being out there with TWO little muppets! But the cast members came to our rescue, skating with the kids, teaching them how to balance and showing them awesome spins and twirls.









Actually the cast members were AMAZING. So patient with the kids, and really making an effort to make the experience fun even if they were scared/nervous about getting on the ice.

Afterwards were were invited upstairs to meet one of the characters from the show….


Her Majesty (in her Princess Aurora dress and crown) and His Highness with Mickey Mouse


The kids had such a fantastic time!

Her Majesty in particular is now super keen on going ice skating again which is great! I was worried she would be too scared to give it a go!

I’m excited about seeing the  new TREASURE TROVE show as it has many of their favourite Disney characters- this will be His Highness’ first Disney On Ice show (he was too young for the previous ones) and he can’t wait to see Buzz and Woody!

The TREASURE TROVE show is touring Australia from May 29 until 13th July you can get your tickets here or here. The shows sell out super fast so get in quick to secure yours! The kids will love it!

T xx

A special thank you to Janete and the Double Edge PR team xx

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