Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m a fashion-addict.

But more importantly, I’m also a mum to 2 little munchkins and wife to a wonderful husband whose eyes glass over the minute I say “shoes”.

And while most mums complain of being in a motherhood-induced fashion rut, I have the opposite problem… I’m Overdressed With Nowhere To Go.

Well this is not entirely true… I DO go out! To Woolworths, and Playgroup, and Woolworths, and the doctors, and swimming class, and dance class, and Woolworths, and Playland, and the park and McDonalds! But I AM just a tad overdressed for these outings…

I blame this on my fashion-addiction. It has stayed in tact even after breast feeding, middle-of-the-night room service requests from her majesty and his highness, nappy changes, teething, body changes, hormones and the overall feeling of being tired 24/7.

I’ve started this blog in the hopes of sharing my addiction with like-minded people- parent or not- and to hopefully encourage those who are in a rut to go out and get Overdressed… even slightly! It’s highly underrated in my opinion! After all… who doesn’t want to look fabulous and feel great about themselves?


T xxx

email me at tiffany.dy@gmail.com


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