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NP (New Purchase) Arrival: Ksubi Skirt

My Ksubi skirt arrived late last week, and I finally got to wear it!

My new skirt got its first outing to the Halloween shop to buy a costume for Her Majesty, and of course all my clothes need to get familiar with Woolworths so off we went after we picked up a princess outfit… I know, not very Halloween appropriate, but hey, she wants to be a princess instead of a witch and who can blame her? Witches have such a bad rep!

Today’s pictures are a double post as I wanted to show you all my trusty chambray shirt which is currently on very high rotation in my wardrobe (see my previous post here).

It has cool zipper pockets

Here’s my chambray shirt- see? It has tabs on the arms so you can roll up the sleeves and keep them there… very handy.

Chambray Shirt: J Crew, Skirt: Ksubi, Necklace: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Valentino, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Watch: Tag Heuer, Red Personalised Bracelet: www.mimoo.com.au (by request) Diamond Bracelet: From hubby for christmas last year

On another note, my poor buxus hedge is in desperate need of some fertiliser! Hubby hedged it after letting it grow out of control for too long and now it looks like it’s going bald! Just look at it! You can see straight through it in some parts it’s so patchy! It’s on my to-do list this weekend.

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We all know that denim is one of the most versatile fabrics every invented- it lends itself to almost every application due to it’s strength and ease of manipulation.

And while jeans are its most common form, the chambray shirt has long been a staple for workmen and farmers alike… until fashion folk got a hold of it!

Today the chambray shirt deserves it’s place amongst jeans, t-shirts, LBDs, pencil skirts and blazers as a wardrobe must-have.

It literally goes with everything and is suitable for just about any occasion.

Casual? Tick.

Sporty-luxe? Tick.

Smart-casual? Tick.

Dressy? Tick.

And look, even supermodels wear them! (With Balmain jeans of course, sheesh).

It especially matches back beautifully to the prints that are on trend right now, whether it be trousers, jeans or a skirt.

It’s completely necessary for the denim-on-denim look which is huge right now… a look which I have yet to try… not sure I can pull it off but it seems pretty easy! Just look…

Here are some chambray shirts that I’ve found for you:

Chambray shirt $59.99 from the iconic.com

Chambray shirt $89.95 from Sportsgirl

Mixed Chambray shirt $89.95 from Sportsgirl

Chambray shirt US$78.00 from J Crew– this is actually the shirt I own. I wear it to death… it fits perfectly and has button tabs on the arms so you can roll up the sleeves and they stay up.

Chambray shirt $24.99 from Target (sold out online but try your local store)

Chambray shirt $180.00 from Shopbop

Club Monaco Chambray shirt $140.00 from Shopbop

J Brand Chambray shirt on sale $152.60 from Shopbop

One Teaspoon Chambray shirt on sale $132.55 from ASOS

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