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New shoes! Yay!

I’ve had my eye on these for a while, then I saw my friend Nat wearing them and bam! I was sold!

They have a chunkier heel than I am use to, and to be honest that was the one thing that was keeping me from making the purchase when I first saw them… But it’s this heel that makes them so comfortable!

I’m loving the edgy cut outs and front lacing- not so practical as we are approaching the winter months but hey, they look fabulous so that’s all that matters!

Talking about shoes- I’ll be running a Mother’s Day competition in conjunction with Miss Minit via my Instagram ALLDRESSEDUPBLOG next week- stay tuned for details and make sure you follow me on Instagram!

T xxx

SHOES- Jeffrey Campbell and also in Tan
LOOP SCARF-made to order Marikit By Kitty Choy
NECKLACE- Tiffany & Co
CUFF- Hermes

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Catch Ups









A lifetime ago (i.e. before I had kids) I use to be ambitious and career driven… not so much now 🙂

But it’s still great to catch up with my good friend Mel who started out as my boss, then became my colleague and friend. She’s still at it, being brilliant at her role as buyer at the large retail company where she originally hired me as her assistant.

I don’t get to catch up with Mel very often as she travels lots for work (I miss that), but whenever we do manage to get together we always end up staying out longer than intended- too busy trying to cram in 6 months’ worth of news into 2 hrs is nearly impossible!

Whenever I see Mel I always entertain the notion of going back to work with her- I love fashion after all, and it would give me the creative outlet I am craving- but alas, the kids are my life now and I can’t contemplate leaving them for 2 weeks at a time every 3 months- a requirement for a fashion buyer.

I do hope that later down the track I’ll be able to get back into the groove of a fashion career, but for now, this blog is my way of expressing my love of all things fashion… and I’m happy with that.

T xxx

Shirt: Cand.i.date, Fur Vest: Country Road (similar here and here), Skirt: One Teaspoon, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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