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There is no greater challenge than being a parent- the weight of responsibility that rests on your shoulders is overwhelming, as you are charged with the care and protection of this human being (or multiple human beings) you love like nothing else in this world.

For me, Mother’s Day is the day I look forward to most- more than Christmas, more than my birthday- more than anything!

While it’s great day to get spoilt, the best thing about Mother’s Day is that finally, for one day a year, all the mums of the world get a THANK YOU and a nod of appreication for all the hard work they do.

The level of self-sacrifice a mother has is astounding- there is nothing a mum won’t do for her kids.



To celebrate Mother’s Day we have teamed up with MISS MINIT  to give you the chance to win this amazing gift pack worth $120.00! The prize pack  includes cushions, gel pads and heel grips to alleviate discomfort, as well as a bottle of water & stain protector, polish pens and shoe shine cloth to help you maintain the lustre of your precious shoes and handbags.


  • Follow me on my Instagram ALLDRESSEDUPBLOG
  • Regram the below picture with hashtag #missminit #mothersday and tell us in 15 words or less what Mother’s Day means to youIMG_5965
  • Entries close midnight 11th May.
  • The best answer will be announced by Friday 16th May via my Instagram so make sure you follow along to see if you’ve won!

Good luck lovely ladies!

T xxx

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The Universe




I am a firm believer in The Universe.

Put your thoughts out there and The Universe will make it happen. Sounds simple. And truly it is.

And while I’m sure I should be focusing this theory on 1) winning the lottery 2) curing world hunger 3) ending suffering of any kind, most of the time my life gets too busy that I forget the force of The Universe is out there.

But every once in a while, I get a reminder about how truly amazing The Universe and it’s powers are.

If you’re a follower of my blog then you would have noticed that where I started posting almost everyday, it has slowly declined to maybe every couple of weeks to now, if you’re lucky, every couple of months….

NOT a good thing for a blogger… or it’s followers.

And while lack of time has contributed to this a lot, if I’m honest it also has a lot to do with a lack of inspiration- from me.

Where I use to always get a feeling of awe and inspiration from the fashion magazines and blogs I follow, over the last few months all I felt was dejected. And you can’t write a good post if you’re not feeing inspired.

I’ve been so disappointed in myself- why couldn’t I make this work?!

And then on Friday a whole lot of things happened:

1) a random stranger told me she loved my outfit- something I threw on coz I was running late- but apparently it looked great! I felt fantastic! (I’m so superficial, I know)

2) one of my favourite fashion blogs They All Hate Us were featured in an article on news.com.au – the piece reminded me that being a blogger requires dedication and commitment! Something my blog was lacking lately! I felt re-inspired!

3) an unexpected gift was sitting at my doorstep- a care package from Miss Minit, full of goodies for my shoes! They are followers of my blog as we have a common interest (hehehe)

It’s not much I know, but after these three incidents I felt a renewed energy to give this blogging thing another go.

How has The Universe helped?

In my heart I want to be a successful blogger.

And The Universe knows it.

It’s magic is working to remind me to keep at it, not give in, not give up…

So for now, I’m listening.

T xxx


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