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Busy Bee



20130415-115852.jpgT-shirt: Jay Jays, Skirt: Museum, Bag: Alexander Wang, Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi City Pack London

Hello Loveys!

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past few months- I’ve been a busy bee getting a new project off the ground!

I can’t share details just yet as it’s not quite ready, and unfortunately it has nothing to do with fashion, but it will do a lot to help my sanity and that’s good enough!

Over the weekend I attended a course to help with my new project and I was super excited to go because: 1) I got to go into the city without any children hanging off me 2) I got to interact with adults 3) I got to learn some new things and use my brain for something other than household organisation!

My posts will not be very regular I’m afraid but I will try my best to update you on the progress of my project- in the meantime I hope you’ve all been enjoying the unseasonably warm autumn weather we’ve been having!

T xxx


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SOTD: Dance Concert!

Today was Her Majesty’s dance concert- she was super excited because today, she finally gets to wear my red lipstick and blush!

We got ready early this morning as the hairstyle requirement was a ‘high ponytail with tight curls’… they advised to put them in overnight… pssshhhtt, as if a 3 year old would sleep with curlers in her hair!

curlers in hair

ta-da! all dressed and ready!

We were very proud of her; she danced beautifully (if a little distracted from all the lighting effects!) and was very brave on stage!

We picked her up at intermission and it was homeward bound for us- time to put two exhausted little munchins to bed for a much needed siesta!

all finished!

Jumper: J Crew, Leather Skirt: Museum (a new purchase!), Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane, Shoes: Valentino

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far!

T xxx

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