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a wang backstage baby! dream room GWYNETH PALTROW AND CHRIS MARTIN HOLIDAYS MALLORCA IN MICHAEL DOUGLAS HOUSE lighter neutral neuva york relax spools string wang rockie

dream room


Neutrals always look and feel so chic…although not easy if you have messy toddlers/kids in your life- like moi 🙂

pics from weheartit, whatdoiwear,streetstyletumblr, thingsilearnedfromsatc


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Bought Some Stuff! But Hang On…

Yesterday I hit the shops for groceries and ended up with some awesome items! It’s coz the kids were in daycare so I could shop children-free! Yipeee!! The joy of being able to look around at a slooooow leisurely pace, actually try stuff on and have a look if it’s ok from all angles! I could take my time umming and aahhing as to make the purchase or not!

Everyone is on sale at the moment so it’s a great time to snap up some bargains. Of course  it was only a half-attempt as I got a phone call from daycare informing me that His Majesty woke up with a soggy number 3 (yes one of those) which went everywhere… great. So off to the doctors we went. Verdict is a mild gastro virus, which will go away in a few days… he was nightmare last night but miraculously woke up with no soggy poos this morning and we have had none all day!

I’m going to take some pics of what I bought and post them tomorrow- sorry yesterday was a write-off with the illness and today we went out!

The weather was so glorious we went back to the water area of the playground at Darling Harbour. We also discovered a fantastic Japanese restaurant just alongside the playground- a bonus as the kiddies love Japanese food!

That’s my new skirt and necklace! I bought them both at Sportsgirl- the skirt was on special- take $20 off- and the necklace was only $19.99.

Shirt: J Crew, Skirt and Necklace: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Wanted Shoes (soooo old, I’ve had these since before I was married!), Bangles: Colette By Colette Hayman

Everything I bought yesterday was printed! Be sure to come back to see what I bought!

T xxx



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Dress Ups

Here are some mood boards I created for inspiration… enjoy xxx



I could do this all night- but I have to sleep now… I’m sure His Highness will be ringing the room service bell very soon.

T xxx


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A Quickie From London Fashion Week




Here are some amazing street style shots from London Fashion Week- the fashion flock have all gone to Milan now for Milan Fashion Week…

Am loving those shades and that skirt

Rocking neon and fabulous Valentino shoes!

I’m dying over this look- ahhh-ma-zing. Pants are by Tibi and are available at Net-A-Porter

Olivia Palermo looking super chic as always.

This is not a look I’d adopt personally but maaaan, she looks fab.

And some yummy accessories too:

Why can I never get a manicure like this?!

I have long lusted after this Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch- it’s the perfect balance of glam and rock cool.

Are you drooling yet?

T xxx

** all photos courtesy of Refinery29


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